We proudly use State of the Art Professional Pressure Washing Equipment, 

We have the advance soft water cleaning system & the most advanced hot

water pressure washing system that allows us to clean and disinfect at 130° !


At Wicked Clean Pressure Washing, we understand that no two properties are alike, which is why your property deserves a personal service built around your specific needs and requirements. Our team understands the importance of getting your property back to its best and we offer an array of pressure washing services to make your property look better than ever.

Our Commitment Is Shown In The Quality of Our Work!

Our effective and dependable team members show that we’ve earned a reputation in the industry and that our pressure washing technicians care about their clients. We are committed to making you a satisfied customer.

Your home is so much more than just a place to live. It’s your family’s castle and provides the roots of your daily activities. Unfortunately, your love of the property can fade over time. While this can be due to a whole host of reasons, a loss of that sparkling clean atmosphere is easily one of the biggest culprits. 

Wicked Clean Pressure Washing also likes to boast about it’s fully qualified technicians and the finest equipment on the market today. It is imperative for our equipment to produce the very best results, time and time again, something that we do not take lightly. Our purchase of some of the most advanced cleaning equipment features a high intensity hot water system that will clean and disinfect all bacterias, molds and mildews that may be present on your property.